Industrial Fasteners
- Material Supply Contract

We block most of our clients’ purchase orders from the common stocks we hold at various locations. But for some clients we also manage specific materials reserved for those clients only, based on their projected requirements. This guarantees them of sufficient components without having to maintain extensive stocks themselves.

It is not easy to "schedule" deliveries to a rigid timetable, which is why we provide a Dedicated Stock Service for our customers, which is "demand driven".

This service is particularly appropriate for customers who specialize in standard components. Customer-specific stocks are also maintained for large projects.

We will hold the materials, you simply tell us as and when you need it

Along with impeccable quality – practically a must – the most imperative dynamics for our own competitiveness are affordable rates and unmatched delivery time. To be one step in front in these customer services as well, we provide our valuable customers the choice of consignment stocks in our company.

Consignment stocks are a smart thing: the goods are practically already in the premises of the customer, but remain the property of the supplier until they are released. Thus you don’t tie up capital unnecessarily. The actual delivery and, therefore, the invoicing take place only at the time of collection.

Consignment stocks require a very close and partnership-based cooperation: we provide the goods on the factory premises, we organize the entire set-up of the consignment stock and we check regularly the stock level. Thus we reliably ensure on-time replenishment of the stock. Our customers, on the other hand, minimize their stock and maximize its availability. It saves them time, costs and resources.

Risher Engineerings & Components is broadly accepted as being the leading provider of components for research energy, military and aerospace industries.

In addition to this we are also able to deliver many components for larger scale manufacturing use. Also, through vast years of experience of dealing with the research society, we have constantly built up a large materials’ knowledge base which we use to help support our customers. Therefore, if you have a concept you wish to explore, or need to reverse engineer an assembly or component, Risher is your ideal partner.

Advantages of dealing with Risher for your larger quantities of materials include:

  • Purchase exactly the quantity, form or size required
  • Scheduled deliveries to avoid holding products in stock
  • From prototype to mass production volumes
All our finished products are labeled with a unique serial number to allow for traceability of product configurations. Certain finished products that are accessories to custom products require testing immediately prior to shipment and are serialized only after testing is completed.

Kitting can save your wallet

Risher can save you the time and expense of ordering, receiving, handling and tracking the same multiple parts over and over again. We can provide you with one kit, under your part number, and save you time and money – guaranteed.

Kits, designed and labeled specifically to suit your needs, can relieve you from the logistical burden of managing the individual components and allow you to focus on the more critical aspects of your business.

Join our list of satisfied customers who have found that Risher’s kitting services have produced significant savings - and fewer headaches - though less inventory and less labor in picking & organizing, purchasing, receiving, and accounting.

We utilize our automated packaging machine in several areas. We are capable to do custom packing according to customer specifications.